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Space Communication Systems

For Homo sapiens, the ever expanding night sky with its shining planets and twinkling stars, have been a mystery since they evolved on planet 200,000 years ago. Space has been the source for imagination, dreams and installing a desire to explore the unknown. Technology advancement in recent decades has made it possible to realize more adventurous space explorations and also has brought down the cost of these endeavors. More and more private players are taking into space technology as a commercial venture.
In India ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has been successfully making its mark in the space research and exploration. Though the fabrication of rockets, launchers, electronics systems, and navigation systems have been out sourced by ISRO to Indian industries, private players are yet to plunge completely into space technology.
The reduction in computing time, cost and availability of cheap embedded hardware has made it possible to develop nano and micro satellites in recent times. Number of university made satellite systems have been successfully launched in the last decade. With growing demand for communication, weather monitoring systems, relay platforms for internet services in remote locations, localized remote sensing systems and unique concepts of swarm based nano satellite for space exploration provide interesting and intriguing opportunities for private